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Having finally reached a quieter point in my year, I headed over to The Bridewell Theatre for a "lunchbox" performance yesterday. This is a 45 minute show running 1pm to 1:45pm.

This was, in fact, two plays:
  • EVERY TWENTY MINUTES by Tennessee Williams - Despite the name, this is a ten minute play. It's a scene between a husband and wife, on return from an evening out. The wife comments that she's seen in the paper that someone in the US kills themself every twenty minutes. He husband is very unconcerned by this and she is not. There's not really any plot, just some dialogue. I mostly got to the end and thought Is that it?.
  • SEAGULLS by Caryl Churchill - This was the other thirty-five minutes. It had a three person cast - a celebrity (Valerie), her manager (Di) and a fan (Cliff). Valerie's celebrity status comes from being a telekinetic. However, this scene is about her being unable to show her power. Also, despite the sci-fi angle, it really seemed to be about the short-term nature of stardom.
Overall, I was glad to get out and see both plays; although I think they are my least favourite thing so far from Lunchbox.
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It has been a rather quiet few weeks. We've seen a couple of films, roleplayed once and celebrated our twenty-second wedding anniversary.

The anniversary meal was at home with the duo. We have savory tarts to start (crab meat, goats cheese and sausage), prawns for the main course and chocolate pots to finish. All with a rather good white wine.

The films were:
  • Rogue One (Star Wars) - I thought this was really good. Sad, of course, but well plotted and acted. I could have done with fewer call-backs to the first film as some felt a bit forced, but otherwise it was good.
  • Moon - This was a Christmas present from Martin that I finally got around to watching. It's an sci-fi/mystery film with a small cast. It's interesting and enjoyable. There's a couple of bits that are slightly shaky, but overall decent.

Finally was the 100 Secrets game, featuring the time-loop temples. This was weird, even by 100 Secrets standards. The idea was that we were sent to find and, if possible, save the survivors of a previous expedition to a temple in the south. The Queen told us she wasn't sure what the temple contained. We now have some idea. The nomads who live in the area have a better idea and it is notable that this includes staying away from the temples. Plus the Ryne family is involved. Turns out that the temples do time-loops. Also multiple bodies - we spent much of the session with two Aeryns. There's a big political battle going on over whether to take word back to the Queen. And that was happening even before we arrived. The next session is going to be both weird and political.
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Having finished the main work on my report, I decided to celebrate with another go at a glitter tattoo.

I quite like this one, but don't think silver is a great choice for a pale skin. Or, at least, not unless it's surrounded with other glitter.

The other thing we finished this weekend was season one of Jessica Jones. It's another Marvel Universe production and it is quite well done. Both Krysten Ritter (as the title character) and David Tennant as her adversary are excellent. However, there's a really unlikely coincidence in there and the sex depicted in the first few episodes seems rather endless and unrealistic. Overall though, recommended.
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Last week I couldn't hear for six days. Slightly unfortunately, this coincided with a visit to what is probably my favourite restaurant - Trinity. Although, fortunately it didn't stop me from going.

For once, we weren't having a tasting menu with matching wines, but an Indian meal (from visiting chef Arun Mathur from Delhi) with matching beers (from Wild Beer Co). It was rather good.

On arrival we were offered drinks and went for gin and tonics although, sadly I didn't take a note of the gin (although [personal profile] bateleur might remember).

A Selection of Indian Pickles and Papad and Sleeping Lemons beer - This particular course was already on the table and was essentially the equivalent of poppadoms and chutneys - a good quality version though. The beer was good, I was slightly reminded of some of the Badger beers.

This arrived in two sets of two and was served with POGO (Passion Fruit; Orange; Guava Pale ale). Again, the beer was light and fruity (it appeared as a can!), I thought it was good.

Smoked Butter Milk with Cumin - A little pot to drink from. Weird, smoky (as you might expect from the name) and tasty.
Hand Pulled Chicken Tikka Chaat - Tasty, a recognisable chicken starter.
Tandoori Fruit Salad - This arrived as a kebab. It really was tandoori fruit and it worked, although I admired it rather than really liking it.
Green Cardamom and Cheese Chicken Morsels - I think I liked this the best of the starter. The cheese bits were like little crutons.

Main course
It took them a while to get all of this lined up to serve it together. We could see the preparation area and it was fascinating - and mouthwatering - to watch them carefully prepare portions for 32. This course was served with Evolver (Brett IPA) and it went well.

Coconut Prawn Curry - My favourite and as you might expect, king prawns in a lovely coconut sauce.
Bhuna Gosht, Braised Lamb in Tomato, Onion and Ginger - I liked this more than Dom did. Possibly because I was lucky and had better pieces of meat.
Chickpea Flour Dumpling in Yoghurt Curry - Dom found these disappointingly dull. I thought they were OK, but not the highlight.
Smoked Aubergine Cooked with Onion, Tomato, Chilli and Ginger - A little on the hot side, but pleasant enough.
Fried Onion and Cumin Rice - This was rice, it worked, I used it to mop up the sauces.

The final course, served with Gazillionaire, a salted caramel chocolate milk stout with the addition of vanilla and cardamom. The stout was not as sweet as I hoped and slightly more interesting to read about than to drink.

Saffron Phirni, Rice Pudding with Green Cardamom and Saffron - This arrived cold, set in little pots. It was very tasty and, as ever with desserts, was a favourite for me. It didn't quite beat the prawns though.
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Another go with the glitter tattoo kit - this one looks better. I wonder if it'll last longer than the butterflies did?

I may have ten colours but I still want more.
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Earlier this month I booked my August annual leave with my line manager. As I did so, I realised I wanted some leave soon, preferably as soon as possible. So I booked last Tuesday. [ profile] bateleur and I used it as an opportunity to go to Kew outside of term time.

We were lucky with the weather. It was warm and sunny, but not too hot and not too crowded. We had cake. I chose Chocolate and Beetroot and he had the Red Velvet cake. We also wandered around very happily.

We also got around to watching the second - and final - season of The Booth At The End last week. Five episodes of twenty-three minutes (I didn't time them, I looked it up). It was still very good, and started to explore the Man and his background although it still continued with the format of the first season where people come to see him in a diner. No more though. [ profile] bateleur thought it was right to stop before they had to answer the mysteries. I'm not so sure.
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Last Saturday, in 100 Secrets we waged war on the Half Lords. We teamed up with the Count of Narthal and his consort Tabitha after discovering we had a common enemy. We divided into three teams - the Count and consort (Team A), the usual duo of Lady Rose (Andie) and Loy (Sarah) (Team B), plus the Tiger God (Krys) and the non-combatants - Neddra (myself) and Carlos (Jon) (Team C). We headed up the staircase and began. We managed to take out five Half Lords:
  • Team A think they killed one. Probably. We think there was fire magic involved.
  • One was assassinated by Team B through a combination of displacement and stabbiness.
  • Team C took one out, despite its Shadow Knight entourage, through wind magic, rearranging the walls and general clawing.
  • Team C took another one out despite the pitch darkness and the knight through more clawing.
  • The last, the leader, was taken out mainly by Rose with a bit of consort and Tiger God assistance.
We celebrated. We also learned what we could from their library of portals about the Midnight Roads (and hopefully, in future, of runes).

Afterwards we went back to Sarenland and discovered that the Half Lord allies had fled other than Owlsroost. He was ill and, despite an attempt to save him, he died. Whether he might have become another Cloam, we do not know. Aeryn took a message to Ein in Aeros to inform her. Also, we discovered the portal to a lonely hut and captured the Half-Knight there. It seems to be the end of the Half Lords plot.

On the trains, I read Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper. This is a tale of the European colonisation of Massachusetts from the Indians' point of view. Unfortunately, whilst well-written, there isn't really anything else going on. I feel I want to repeat my comments about Bujold's book of Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen - the author could have written a story using the colonisation as a background. She didn't and I'm disappointed.

Dom and I watched Phoenix on Friday night, our latest Lovefilms offering. It's a German film set at the end of World War II about a cabaret singer who has survived the concentration camps, but her face has been ruined and she requires reconstruction surgery. She stands to inherit the family's wealth as all the others were killed. It is fairly short (about an hour and a half), but tells the simple - but very watchable - story in that time. Gently recommended.
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X-posted from LJ

Earlier this month we watched Arrival. We had heard good reviews and were interested to see it. The result is a good sci-fi film, but it did not quite live up to expectations. The lead role was acted brilliantly by Amy Adams and the story was interesting, but some of the consistency felt it would fall apart if prodded too much.

I have read three books for the first time on the train since Easter.
  • The Golem and the Djinni by Helene Wecker - This took me a while to get into. It had a slow pace, none of the initial characters immediately grabbed me and it was less about magic than social interactions (which wasn't what I was expecting). However, it was interesting in the long run and the author does know how to finish a story.
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J. K. Rowling, Jack Thorne & John Tiffany - Bea bought me the screenplay and I read it this week. I found it interesting, although slightly too inclined to revisit past stories (although I appreciate this was some of the point).
  • Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen by Lois McMaster Bujold - I found this very readable, but ultimately disappointing. The thing is, Bujold usually does a fast-moving mystery plot alongside some interesting background and character stuff. The interesting background and character stuff were in it - but there was no plot. I felt that this was only half a book. It was particularly disappointing from an author that can usually manage both effortlessly.

I'm glad that the weather is improving. I forget how much I miss the sunshine and warmth until it reappears.
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Apr. 16th, 2017 04:49 pm
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Well, here's a dreamwidth account. So now I have one. Next I have to figure out if I want to use it.
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Wednesday started with another morning walk, this time up the steps behind the house and onto the path there. [ profile] bateleur came with me.

That afternoon was the Star Wars: Con Wars game. Eva (myself) who was a medic, Gannics ([ profile] shadowjon) who was a retired soldier, Rin ([ profile] chrisvenus) a (former) Padawan and Kal ([ profile] davefish) a mining engineer were passengers on a shuttle that crashed into the Hydra 4 station in the middle of a local war. There were three factions - the bling gang, the war droids and teenagers and the Corellian (Republic) forces. We initially allied with the last of the three only - of course - to discover that they were actually working for a slave trader and looking to defect to the Empire. Over the rest of the game we determined that the bling gang was a pirate crew known as The Red Claw and the droids/teenagers group was the Free Sapients League. We spoke to the league secretly and agreed to help them free the slaves on the station and generally take out the other two factions. There then followed a certain amount of covert fighting including Kal taking control of various gunnery stations, crit failing to drop a flash bang during a night operation in pirate territory and then stealing their warshuttle before realising that no-one had pilot and then having to default it from engineering (fortunately this worked). Gannics was generally on sniper duty and Rin was doing the quiet assassin thing (I mostly stayed back at base, but did covertly help the astrodroid seize the central building). In the end we got the slaves out, took down the bad guys and escaped with the league before the Empire landed.

Wednesday dinner was Man vs Food burgers from [ profile] davefish followed by the remains of the ice cream.

Thursday saw us down to seven when [ profile] davefish and Alistair departed and then down to six when [ profile] shadowjon left. It was my second game - an attempt at running Lockwood & Co. The agency was Dalton and Clay and the agents Claire ([ profile] lanfykins) and Jimmy ([ profile] chrisvenus) were accompanied by an adult supervisor across two different cases. The team successfully banished Visitors and the players felt it was in the spirit of the books - I was very pleased.

Thursday dinner was baked potatoes and leftovers. My tattoo was still in very good shape (the photo below is an early one, but it still looks very much like this).

Friday morning the remaining six of us did the usual pack-up, check, mop up and exit. Fortunately the weather was rather better for driving and the roads started off much clearer. We finally got home to be welcomed by an extremely vocal puss.
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Monday at the Con was outing day. Various options were mooted, but in the end seven of us headed for Poole's Cavern. We paid (technically, Alistair paid and we will pay him back) and then headed in.

This first shot is one of my better ones giving a view of the open spaces inside.

And this gives a closer view of a rock... and a cuddly bunny. It being the Easter holiday, there was a bunny spotting game for the kids - and for us. [ profile] ao_lai correctly counted 15 in total.

We then had some lunch (mine was a Derbyshire oatcake) before returning to the site to wander through the Grinlow Woods (yes, really called that) to Solomon's Temple.

Afterwards we visited Arbor Low Stone Circle and Gib Hill Barrow on the way home.

We went out to dinner that evening in Cromford. We picked a pub and it turned out to be rather good. I had mushroom risotto and vanilla parfait.

Tuesday I ran Otters Court. This was not a game about a court of otters, but instead the name of a house as my working title, Floating Minds, would have given away some of the plot. It started with a very English family row in a large estate and ended in spook central with a human mind in the internet. The party ([ profile] shadowjon, [ profile] chrisvenus and Alistair) were excellent at tackling the difficult family moments, sorting out the body-swapped servants and then coordinating with the spooks. I enjoyed it a lot, although it turned out to be more sequel-hooky than expected.

Tuesday evening was [ profile] bateleur's tortillas and cake. I think it was also one of the nights when I got to try out the Widow's Walk expansion to Betrayal at the House on the Hill. We played it twice - the first time, Traitor Ox Bellows wanted to be Pope, but we stopped him. The second time my little girl aged the party to death. She was not loved.
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We arrived on Friday much later than expected but, fortunately, still ahead of the Tesco delivery bringing supplies for the next three days. Despite all the delays we were first. I received a phone call from [ profile] ao_lai telling me that he was going to be very late as the traffic was horrendous. Instead he arrived third after [ profile] davefish (I think).

Entering the place, we discovered that we hadn't booked a holiday cottage but a hobbit hole. Nine bedrooms, two sitting rooms and three kitchens. Below is a picture of the bedroom [ profile] bateleur and I shared.

And this is the largest kitchen.

The rest of the Con began to appear ([ profile] lanfykins and [ profile] shadowjon) then ([ profile] chrisvenus and [ profile] quisalan). At which point I started dinner (pasta) followed by fruit tarts and then glowsticks. We finally got an Alistair just before bedtime.

The Saturday was beautiful and a good day to go for a walk. I had company.

In the afternoon the games began - I (pinkvader) was playing in The Goat King's Palace with [ profile] davefish (2wild4u), [ profile] lanfykins (happypanda) and [ profile] quisalan (dizzycat). The blurb was:

"The game has been running for two years. With a fanbase of over a thousand players, more than six hundred puzzles already solved and a bewildering range of topics spanning philosophy, politics, art, mathematics and music Goat Trail is one of the most successful alternate reality games of all time.

As the end draws near, a problem appears. Clues begin to hint that the game cannot be won by the community working together. A small number of selected players will experience the endgame and the rest will get nothing. Although this is very much against the ethos of the ARG community there have been hints of a similar attitude on the part of the creator(s) throughout the game. Public pleas to soften this condition have received no replies.

Time is running out and competition has begun amongst the community. Long held values have been set aside. Multiple groups - maybe dozens - are known to have begun the hunt for the final goal, the Goat King's Palace. May the best team win!

Goat King's Palace is a mystery drama game. The PCs are members of one team competing for the prize... but they are about to discover that winning is the least of their problems and the Goat King's prize is not at all what they expected."

In the first half (Saturday) we (Team Spare Parts):
  • Phase 1: Escaped a building within four minutes (by following the Goat King's instructions) - 3rd place
  • Attended a social which involved all the lights going out and us spotting the map on the ceiling of the bar - 2nd place
  • Chased the goat across the city every ten minutes - 1st place (Hurrah!)
  • Phase 2: Ran around the city solving puzzles to get tokens and then played join the dots (five I think)
  • Went to the gardens in disguise to get tokens and avoid being photoed (one I think)
  • Went back to the bar to consider allocating points to another team (which another team got by using the letter of the rules and setting off the fire alarm)
  • Phase 3: Had to hide from the public when we holed up with the other teams in the top five (Weak Excuses, Grail, Bendy Harp and 420) - we got no points as we were found about half-way through.
At the end of the first half we were given a million credits for expenses. I also think we had another token-winning exercise in there - possibly solving puzzles on-line.

Saturday evening was risottos cooked by [ profile] quisalan followed by ice cream. It may also be the day I got my glitter peacock tattoo from [ profile] lanfykins.

Sunday was another glorious day - the hottest of the week. Again, I went for a walk, this time on my own.

The second half of The Goat King's Palace took place in the afternoon and things became very weird. Team Spare Parts:
  • Phase 4: Made a paper airplane that broke all the rules of physics - 4th place I think?
  • Made a child's toy that similarly broke the laws of physics (it really flew) - 2nd place I think.
  • The token machines opened and we discovered the prizes were parcel (post to anywhere), key (opens any door lock) and sleep (refreshes in a moment)
  • A puzzle exercise to track down people where we got codes from members of the public (five lots of twenty points).
  • Next we had the join-the-dots of churches and this ended with a treasure hunt on an island where we got to post 120 points home with our parcel.
  • Phase 5: The haunted house. Actually haunted by us and copies of the other teams. This was creepy as some copies drew guns on us and demanded our phones. We eventually locked ourselves away safely and missed out on points, but also on other horrors.
  • A competition about making some sort of public performance. We came second by making an exhibition about the Goat Trail so far (paying some people to do it professionally). The winner in this section was Bendy Harp who produced a musical about a sad seal.
  • I think there was another round of on-line puzzles in here.
  • Final task: One of us was taken away and we had to find him before the Monster did. We placed second.
After all that - we won Goat Trail and were invited to the Palace! Except, by this point EV (another contestant) had told us that the Goat King was actually a rather nasty old man who had raped her mother. We did not know what to expect.

Turns out - we were in a copy of the Earth. The Goat King was actually an engineer who, through a screw-up had wound up in the copy and then decided to stay there and play God. The actual Earth had much better tech than we did and consequently he was able to do things we considered impossible. We arrived at the palace to find his Light and Dark histories (he wasn't entirely evil), his dead body (suicide) and a choice - contact the real Earth, carry on as Gods or carry on as ordinary people. We chose option 1. That was more-or-less the end of the game, but we saw enough going on to be happy with our choice.

Sunday dinner was a roast - much hard work from [ profile] davefish - followed by puddings (cheesecake and chocolate brownie).
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I went back to Belfast on Monday, this time for two days of work and staying overnight near Stormont. The trip went reasonably well and we had a good meal together on the Monday night. However it was also two long days and I was glad to be home.

On Thursday it was my birthday. [ profile] bateleur had bought me lots of bags of dice, a new book, a music CD and Codenames (a game - not quite a boardgame, more like Fluxx). Bea bought me some chocolate bars. So far, I've eaten chocolate, but the rest will probably come on holiday with me.

I read The Last Watch, the fourth of The Night Watch series by Sergey Lukyanenko on the train this week. I liked it a lot, not least because some of it was in Scotland and involved Merlin. There were also callbacks to earlier books; it's turning into a rather nice series.

Last night we watched Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. It had some lovely action sequences, which made up for the plot being rather inconsistent, but had a definite "lack of women" thing going on. Although, frankly, that's been true of all but the first one. However this one was particularly jarring because Cruise is clearly getting older, but the age of the series' female role isn't rising in the same way.
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Bea's school was doing a production of Oliver this year. Bea had one of the few female parts - that of Mrs. Sowerberry. We went to see her in it on Thursday (along with Bea's friend Lizzy) and both she and the performance were excellent. I've never been good at acting and it's nice to see that she doesn't take after me at all.

Last weekend was episode two from season three's 100 Secrets. We found out more about the new country - the County of Narthal (which has a Count, Swordsmaster players take note!). It too had seen a recent civil war (five or six years ago) which involved outsiders. We discovered there was a cold northern border to the country (which might be reachable by boat). We then went hunting for Sarenland's food and eventually found one huge farm with some sort of slave caste looking after it. Following this we returned to the Royal City and fought both a Knight (a Knight of Narthal?) and then the person that Ayrn found before who turned out to be Owlsroost. We also found a mirror torture room, a doorway to somewhere else (maybe the Half Lords?) and learned more about the long-distance portal to Owls Crossing. Neddra discovered a creature that lived on what might be known as "The Staircase" that mended portals. The top of the palace was very messed up in terms of geometry. We then travelled to Narthal to meet the Count. It seemed to be a lower tech than Granmark. Also, it seems that the rod is a sun crystal.

We saw Spotlight when it turned up as a LoveFilms offering. It was interesting, the right length, and had a decent cast. I wasn't convinced it was Oscar worthy, but it was certainly very watchable.


Mar. 21st, 2017 08:08 am
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Yesterday I went to Belfast for a two hour meeting. As I said to the guy on the Aer Lingus desk, who looked at me in surprise when I asked for both the day's boarding cards, "it wasn't my idea!" (for dull, complicated reasons I had to check-in in person). Fortunately the meeting was interesting and the flights were on time.

Yesterday I also learned that the chair's cat is 23 years old. Apparently every time it goes back to the vet the date of birth is studied with a blink of astonishment. This means it was born even before Emily Marle (June 1995 - December 2008).
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On Thursday, the fire alarm went off at work. The alarm system has several different messages and this one was: "There is an incident in another part of the building. Please remain where you are and await further instructions."

It played over and over. This has happened before - and it's sometimes taken them quite a while to switch it off. However, after about ten minutes I rang reception to let them know it was still going. It took a while for someone to answer the phone and then:

Me: "Hello, the alarm is still on. What's going on?"
Voice: "Why are you still in the building?! There's a fire!"
Me: "Because the alarm system is telling us to remain where we are?!"
Background voice as can be heard over the phone: "There is an incident in another part of the building. Please remain where you are and await further instructions."
Voice: "Oh. We need to do something about that."

Then one of my staff (who was due back from lunch) rang and asked me why I was still inside (I didn't need to answer, the message was still playing). He told me there were two fire engines outside.

After a quick discussion, those of us still in the office decided to leave.

We trundled down the stairs. At floor 6, the message was a different one. "This is an emergency. Please leave the building by the nearest exit. Do not use the lifts."

At the bottom we were met by someone telling us not to worry, it was a small fire.

Cliff said quietly in my ear: "Not to worry? If it had been a large fire we could have burned to death!"

We were soon let back in. We later received an email explaining that a toaster had caught fire on the sixth floor (the toaster wasn't allowed in the building and had been removed). All the floors from six downward had evacuated whilst us lucky souls on seven, eight and nine had received a different message. They were investigating.

We weren't impressed.
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I recently finished The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin. It's an interesting book with quite a lot of maths/physics background (the three-body problem) and a decent sci-fi plot. I didn't like the ending very much - it felt a bit unfinished - but probably only to me.

Outside the front garden has some small yellow flowers in bloom. Out the back is this.

I think it's the first year that the garden has been clear enough for me to see these.

100 Secrets ran last weekend - the start of season 3 and a five-person party for the first time. We are all off to Sarenland to find out who is in charge and, in Neddra's case, to investigate portals. So far, we've found a population that has been lied to. And possibly a prince.

I finished Warhammer 40K season 2 yesterday. This involved a war beginning on Alanius Eyrie between the Tyranids and the forces of Tzeentch. Oh, and the humans. However, the parties managed to save the planet from destruction in time for the Saint to arrive to protect it.

I've started an Illuminati character in The Secret World. To date I've reached level 2, completed Into Darkness and seen the bad necklace competition (below).

We've finally got around to watching The Killing 3. Perhaps the best of the three in terms of plot, but also by far the most depressing. Also, I gather, deliberately the last.

White roses

Mar. 1st, 2017 06:08 pm
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[ profile] bateleur bought me some flowers to say thank you for looking after him.

Hopefully Reeve won't try to eat these.
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These days most of my physical books come from Wordery. This is a company that - as you might guess from the name - supplies mostly books but also does calendars, advent calendars, road maps and various other bits and pieces that aren't quite books.

In turns out that Wordery supplies every book with a bookmark (actually, every thing with a bookmark - we felt that the advent calendar really didn't need one!). These are made of card and the Xmas ones were somewhat themed. I've never really got on with bookmarks. When I was much younger I did the evil thing of leaving books open and upside down whilst these days I tend to close them (not least because I mainly read on the train) and then hunt my place when I next read. However, with my Xmas Wordery books I started using the bookmarks.

Now, every time I close a book I want a bookmark. I'm surprised at how little it took to become a habit.


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